Oscillation VS Vibration

Oscillation, vibration... similar, not the same...

So what is the difference, ou rather what are the differences ?

On a Sismo, feet are never at the same level.
The plate being "free," there is always a foot lower than the other foot.
This is the famous oscillatory motion.

With this movement, the body is constantly biased to one side, then the other, never simultaneously. This is what prevents vibrations in the head and limit the cons-indications.

Muscles contract and relax to the rhythm of the oscillations.
With vibration, the feet are still at the same level because the plate is fixed with no possibility of tipping: it's the same principle of the vibrating plate and that's why the vibrations back to the head.
Do not confuse :
Sismo is an oscillating platform,
Powerplate, Fitvibe, Bodycoach, ... are vibratory platforms.

So oscillation vs vibration ?
Although differents, both these techniques are good. They are very complementary with the presence of a good coach.