Sismo Tapping®

Best seller ! The famous rolling massage for oscillatory mechanical action on the connective tissue.

Sismo Tapping® is a handheld percussion massage and infrared.

• In massage relaxation with its simple tip, it works by tapping, percussion and via its infrared. It is recommended for joint pain and muscle tension.

• In palpate and roll with its ends anti-cellulite, it defragments the fat deposits and facilitates the removal of body fat.

Perfectly balanced, acting without pressure through the simple effect of its weight, the Sismo Tapping used 5-8 minutes to move throughout the body.
Technical description :

• Dimensions : 38 x 14 x 15 cm
• Weight : 1,6 kg
• Electronic motor high performance
• Shielded ball bearing
• Electronic control gear
• Position speed control
• 2 double interchangeable massage heads
• CE norm
• Warranty 2 years, Delivery time : 1 week
• Do not use on the head, bones, wounds, and the stomach region after meals
Sismo Tapping,
the famous rolling massage "oscillatory" + Infrared LEDs by Sismo