Sismo 3D IXI® Sport

Sismo 3D IXI Sport last born of the lineage of the new 3D range

A concentrate of technology from professional Sismo First 3D without superflux "multimedia". Intuitive programs dedicated to fitness, thinness, the weight and much more!

Design, technology and performance are the hallmarks of this new Sismo all fiberglass, the "little sister" of the One 3D also equipped the new exclusive 3D oscillation technology Free Move System® by Sismo.

• A sister very muscular (more info)
• The advantages of the new IXI 3D Sport (more info)
• Free Move System® ideal for :
– wellness and sportsmen (more info)
– rehabilitation (more info)

• Fiche technique (suite)
A sister very muscular : Miss IXI 3D Sport !

The complementary angle 360° thanks to 3D + its new engine (Full Power Heavy Duty) allow further reach faster targets to go further in terms of results : oscillation 3D will "seek" deeper into the muscles and fat.

• 60 hz oscillatory, 15 mm amplitude, 15° tilt, akin to a profesional Sismo, automatic, manuel, favorite + express modes.

• 6 automatic programs scalable and full : relaxation + massage, anti-cellulite treatments, to muscle toning et without superflux multimedia UBS/SD, but real comprehensive programs to meet every even the most demanding male user and female user,

Sismo IXI • 1 express mode for confirmed sismonautes,

• 1 special tonification program for man,

• 1 favorite mode to save your own programs (up to 10 tracks can be stored),

• choice of language (english - french),

manual mode on 31 levels and up to 30 minutes,

very important for safety : start "Point 0" unitary bearings as among professionals (0-1-2-3-4-5-6 - ... -31) and not for each power (5-10-15-20).

• Total 2 years warranty
The advantages of the new IXI 3D Sport :

Extra large size of the plateau (54 cm = 21.25 inch), close to those of professional equipment, special coating "absorption".

• Technical exclusive 3D tilt forward of the plateau, combined with lateral oscillation.

• Technical exclusive 3D tilt rearward of the plateau, combined with lateral oscillation.

Dampers new generation for softness and "0 vibration in the head."

Automatic multi-program (from wellness program, anti-cellulite treatments, remodeling... to even toning and proprioception).

Start point 0 and manual mode such as professional devices.

• New generation touch screen, express and favorite integrated modes.

New engine Full Power Heavy Duty.

Direct V transmission (new patented technology for more power, longer service life and energy saving).

• Quality materials and durable structure: plastic replaced with carbon fiber and composite (used in the automotive and aerospace industry), use of hardened steel, genuine leather stung saddlery (option), metallic paint or mast (free option on request and depending on availability).

High tech : board computer, screen or LED touch screen controlled by microprocessors.

• Internal time-tested components: hardened steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced belt (tire technology) and high strength at elevated temperatures (unlike single belts other 2D models).

Sismo IXI

Sismo IXI
Free Move System® ideal for wellness and sportsmen :

• Possibility of not being passive on the machine but really active in making custom work surface that reproduces a more unstable ground pressures.

• More intense job of the deep and peripheral muscles.

• Opportunity to work the cardiovascular through regular (or not) but continuous pressure on the work surface, like a stepper, but oscillating.
The positions of the feet and / or the body faces may be parallel to the machine or, as the reproducing position on a snowboard, or the starting position for a sprint.

• Simulation of a slope for more muscle building suitable for sports activities requiring a combination "strength + endurance" (skiing, marathon, athletics, etc...).

• Simulation of a coast for more muscle building suitable for sports activities requiring explosive strength at the supports (horseback riding, fencing, surfing, football, rugby, martial arts, etc...).
Free Move System® ideal for rehabilitation :

• Lateral mobilization for strengthening or care ankles (equilibrium plateau).

• Sagittal mobilization for complementary rehabilitation of the lateral oscillation.

• Combination of lateral and sagittal movements for multidirectional joint reinforcement and a 360° full rehabilitation.

• Working more intense and accomplished balance, the body is unbalanced from all sides.

• More appropriate proprioceptive work, work and more sustained support through the full 3D oscillation.
The Sismo IXI Sport in pictures :